Another Fall in Unemployment welcomed by Chester MP

City of Chester MP Stephen Mosley has welcomed another fall in unemployment in Chester.

Unemployment in Chester has fallen yet again, with the number of those claiming Jobseekers allowance standing at 1762 in September, down from 1823 in August, a significant fall from this time last month. According to figures released today unemployment for The City of Chester stands at 3%, well below both the regional and national averages.

City of Chester MP Stephen Mosley said, “Whilst times are hard for many, these figures clearly show that we are moving in the right direction. The work we are doing both nationally and locally to promote economic growth is clearly paying off. This is great news for Chester! We are a city very much open for business”.

The figures released today also highlight that there are more people in work across the country than ever before and that, encouragingly, youth unemployment has also fallen by 62,000 since June.

Stephen can be heard commenting on the latest figures here: