Stephen Mosley MP welcomes Independent Police Complaints Commission investigation into Hillsborough

City of Chester MP, Stephen Mosley, has welcomed today’s announcement that the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) will launch its largest ever investigation into Police actions before and after the 1989 Hillsborough disaster.

Stephen Mosley MP, who has been taking up the case of constituent Ann Williams, whose 15 year old son died in the Hillsborough disaster, and in February led a debate in Parliament on the issue, has said:

“This is good news for the families of the 96. I welcome this as another step towards bringing those responsible for the disaster and the subsequent cover-up to justice. We have finally heard the truth, now it is time for justice.”


Stephen Mosley MP  during a deabte in Parliament

Stephen Mosley MP during a deabte in Parliament


The IPCC investigation will be lead by a dedicated Hillsborough team who will be looking into:-

  • The amendment of statements – who ordered it, who knew about it, who was involved in the process, and was pressure put on individual officers?
  • The allegations that misleading information was passed to the media, MPs, Parliament and Inquiries in an apparent attempt to deflect blame from the police on to the fans.
  • The actions of police officers after the disaster, including the questioning of next of kin about alcohol consumption, the checking of blood alcohol levels and the undertaking of Police National Computer checks on the dead and injured;
  • The role of West Midlands Police and those who led that investigation into the disaster.

Stephen can be heard commenting on the news here: