Chester MP celebrates £8million commitment to improve Posthouse roundabout at junction of A55 and A483

Chester MP Stephen Mosley is celebrating the Government’s announcement that £170million will be invested to tackle road pinch points across the country with one of the main beneficiaries being the Posthouse roundabout south of Chester at the junction of the A55 and the A483.

Welcoming the £8,026,000 investment in improving traffic flows at one of the main road arteries into the city, City of Chester MP Stephen Mosley said:

“I’m delighted that the Government has responded to my calls to improve the Posthouse roundabout. There is huge congestion at the roundabout at peak times, and this massive investment will help improve traffic flows and make it easier to get in and out of the city.”

To reduce the queues at the A55/A483 junction carriageway, widening will be carried out on the A55 eastbound off-slip, the western part of the circulatory carriageway at the A55 eastbound approach, the northern part of the circulatory carriageway at the A483 southbound approach and the southern part of the circulatory carriageway between the A483 southbound exit and the A483 northbound approach. In addition, the A483 southbound approach to the roundabout will be signalised.

Stephen has repeatedly raised the traffic problems in and out of Chester along the Wrexham Road with Ministers and the Highways Agency since his election in 2010. The work has been scheduled to take place in 2014.


  1. Matthew Normansell says:

    Dear Sir
    I am writing to head your thoughts on the recent arrest and prosecution of several people due to posts they have made on social networking sites. Most recently a young man has been charged for essentially making and off colour joke about Aprils disappearance on his own Facebook page. While this may have been distasteful, I find it rediculous that it is considered illegal, our coursing across the pond in the states are laughing at us for our lack of freedoms, especially freedoms of speech. The UK is becoming a police state. Also the law is being applied unfairly and disproportionately in these cases as many people post worse things where the police aren’t interested.

    I’d welcome clarification from the CPS re guidelines in this area, I’d also like to hear your thoughts on whether you feel that someone should be criminalised for a “sick joke” that had it been said in a pub nothing would have happened.

    Kind regards

    Matthew Normansell