Stephen Mosley MP welcomes bold measures to boost growth

City of Chester MP, Stephen Mosley, has welcomed Government pledges to help businesses and boost growth. This month has seen The Government announce a number of measures designed to boost the economy.

The Government has announced a package of measures to boost the housing sector. This includes increasing guarantees for affordable housing, increasing investment in private rented homes, and making it easier to improve your own home.

It has also pledged sweeping changes to remove red tape and help the roll-out of superfast broadband. The changes will help to deliver the Government’s £680 million investment in superfast broadband to improve business infrastructure.

Further bold measures to speed up the process of de-regulation, including a commitment to scrap 3,000 regulations by December 2013 have been announced. Low-risk businesses will also be exempt from expensive Health and Safety inspections, under the new proposals.

Finally, the Government has announced an overarching industrial strategy, including specific measures to support access to finance, specific sectors and development of skills that industries need.

 Commenting on the announcements, Stephen Mosley MP has said:

 “Together, these measures are a bold package to support business and boost our economy. Businesses here in Chester are a vital part of our economy – the Conservatives in Government are determined to do everything we can to help them grow and create jobs”. 

 These announcements come after the news that the UK has risen in the international competitiveness league tables, from 12th place to 8th. The Government is working to make Britain the most competitive place to do business.