Westminster View 6th September 2012 – Standing up for Chester’s Greenbelt

As many of you will be aware, there are currently two major threats to the Chester Greenbelt and I am eager to gain as much support from local residents as possible to help protect our local Greenbelt for future generations.

 Firstly, Cheshire West and Chester Council are launching a consultation on rolling back the Greenbelt around Chester to build 2,000 new houses.
Chester’s Greenbelt was created to prevent urban sprawl and to ensure that Chester retains its setting as a small, compact, historic city. Planning law states that development on Greenbelt land should only occur in exceptional circumstances and there is a great deal of local concern that Chester’s Greenbelt should be protected for future generations to enjoy.
I believe that large scale development in the Greenbelt will threaten the character of our City and development should be encouraged towards the plentiful supply of brownfield sites in West Cheshire rather than in the Greenbelt.
But what do you think? I will shout as loud as I can on this issue, but the more local residents we have backing the campaign to save our Greenbelt, the more chance we have of succeeding. A website www.chestergreenbelt.com has been set up to allow you to e-mail and lobby your local councillors and MP with your concerns. Why not use it and encourage others to use it as well.
For more information please see:

 Secondly, a Planning Application for 2,300 student flats in the Greenbelt between Blacon and Saughall has been resubmitted to Cheshire West and Chester Council.
This Planning Application has not been submitted by the local Council or by Chester University, but has been submitted by a private developer to build on privately owned land within the Chester Greenbelt.
Full details of the application can be viewed on the internet at http://pa.cheshirewestandchester.gov.uk/online-applications/ and searching the term “student village”, or by visiting the Chester Planning Office at the Council’s Forum Offices. The Planning Application reference number is 12/03447/OUT.

 You can make your views known by emailing planning@cheshirewestandchester.gov.uk (please copy in stephen@chestermp.com) or writing to Chester Planning Office, The Forum, Chester, CH1 2HS.

 Both of these proposals are the wrong way forward for Chester. They are unwanted by local residents and are in opposition to local and national planning policy which seeks to protect Greenbelt land.

 And once the Greenbelt is gone, it will be gone forever.


  1. Dear Stephen Moseley
    May I stand with you in opposing the intrusion into the green belt around Blacon. Blacon is a high density housing area, and it needs the green lung around it.
    If this development goes ahead, it will not only cause the loss of the land it stands on, but the whole area around Blacon will be up for grabs because of the precendentr set by the student village.
    if you haven’t already done so, I suggest you walk the field paths from Mollington to Blacon poets area, and the one from Blacon (Saxon Way/Saughall Road) to Saughall.
    Whilst I understand the reasons, I suspect the relaxation in planning rules proposed by the Government may cause more problems that they solve. But I really hope and trust that the relaxation does not give a green light for our Green Belt to be butchered by greedy developers.
    I have put an objection on behalf of myself and my church members on the CWAC planning site.

    Yours sincerely
    Ron Glenn
    Matthew Henry Evangelical Church

    • Ttomas Keith Skinner says:

      I fully endorse the sentiments expressed by Matthew Henry the principles of which apply to the whole area around Chester and if aTory led council can ignore the extremely strong feelings of its electorate to the advantage of the Developer lobby they should remember elections will come.