Stephen Mosley MP Congratulates Chester Against Business Crime

Over two thirds of reported shop crime in Chester is solved thanks to a partnership between police and business.

Stephen Mosley MP has congratulated all involved, “This is a great scheme and it is pleasing to hear that it is working. Crime is falling, and both shop-owners and shoppers can feel safe in our City.  There is a 73% clear up rate on shoplifting alone and that is exemplary because the national average is about 20%.”

Stephen, accompanied by Police and Crime Commissioner Candidate John Dwyer, received a briefing from staff at their headquarters, as well as from Chester City Centre’s designated Police Officer, who explained the benefits of the scheme and the positive results that are being seen. The briefing included a demonstration of the Chester Against Business Crime tools, including an intranet website, radio system and a criminal identification scheme.

Stephen Mosley MP visits Chester Against Business Crime

Stephen Mosley MP visits Chester Against Business Crime

John Dwyer, a former Assistant Chief Constable, said, “This is a fantastic organisation and exactly the sort of scheme which I would like to see across Cheshire. It is important that our business community, police, and residents all work together to ensure that crime is reported and criminals stopped.”

Chester Against Business Crime is a self-funding partnership between the business community, police and the local authority. It is available to businesses across the City centre. More information on the scheme can be found at: