Stephen Mosley MP welcomes another fall in unemployment

MP for The City of Chester, Stephen Mosley, has welcomed news that unemployment has fallen in Chester for the 6th month in a row.

Figures released today show that unemployment is continuing to fall in Chester and across the North West, with the number of people seeking employment in Chester in July at its lowest point this year.

Earlier, figures were also released which showed that number of new companies have been formed in Chester during the month of June. During the month of June a record number of new companies sprang up in the area. 103 companies were set up, a significant increase compared to the 68 companies that were formed during the previous June.

Welcoming the news Stephen Mosley MP said “This is great news for Chester. It is fantastic to see another fall in unemployment in our city, and to see so many new companies setting up in Chester. It is a vote of confidence in our City and the Government’s economic strategy of rebalancing the economy. It is a sign that our local economy is headed in the right direction”.