Government successfully cutting waste whilst protecting frontline services

Chester MP Stephen Mosley has welcomed the announcement that the government has cut £5.5 billion in Whitehall waste. This includes:

  • £1 billion saved on external consultancy contracts.
  • £390 million saved by stopping needless government marketing.
  • £200 million saved by exiting unnecessary properties and not extending unnecessary leases.
  • Reduced government staffing costs by £1.5 billion by controlling non-essential recruitment to the civil service.

The savings, which have been independently audited, are equivalent to around £500 for every working household in Britain and the cost of around 1.6 million primary school places.

Commenting on these savings Stephen Mosley said:

“People across Chester will welcome these savings. The government is right to focus on cutting wasteful spending on things like consultants and marketing while protecting the frontline services that families in Chester value.

“Labour left a bloated and inefficient Whitehall which saw a department spend £73 on box of paper and gave civil servants unregulated access to taxpayer-funded credit cards.

“During tough times it is all the more important that we cut out wasteful spending and make sure taxpayers’ hard earned cash is being spent wisely.”

Francis Maude MP, Minister for the Cabinet Office, said:

“Because our controls on spending are working well and saving unprecedented amounts of money, I’m determined they will be a permanent feature of good governance.

“Last year, this Government beat its own prediction and saved a staggering £5.5 billion from departmental expenditure, on top of the £3.75 billion from our first year in office. But we are determined to go even further, because when it comes to spending other people’s money we must always strive to find more efficient and better ways of providing public services.”