Stephen Mosley MP welcomes introduction of benefit cap

The Government’s victory in passing the Welfare Reform Bill, ensuring that no family can get more in benefits than the average working family earns, has been welcomed by Stephen Mosley, MP for the City of Chester.

Under the reforms, the benefit payments that a household on out of work benefits will be capped at  £26,000 per year so that work always pays. Under Labour, households were able to receive up to £104,000 per year in Housing Benefit alone.

Labour have opposed this fair cap on benefits, voting to maintain a something for nothing culture whereby some families who don’t work get thousands of pounds more in welfare handouts than the average working family earns.

Commenting, Prime Minister David Cameron said:

“Today marks an historic step in the biggest welfare revolution in over 60 years. This government has taken bold action to make work pay, while protecting the vulnerable.  Past governments have talked about reform, while watching the benefits bill sky rocket and generations languish on the dole and dependency. This government is delivering it. Our new law will mark the end of the culture that said a life on benefits was an acceptable alternative to work.”

Stephen Mosley commented:

“In Chester, the average person would have to pay tax for 26 years to pay for one household to receive £104,000 in benefits a year, which could happen if Labour had their way.

“This benefit cap shows that Conservatives are the party of fairness, standing up for hard working taxpayers. By voting against it, Labour have once again shown they are the party of something for nothing.”


  1. Mark Newsum says:

    Demand for an ever increasing number of houses, is surely due to an ever increasing population. We need a change in our culture so that parents are not so proud about producing more and more children, above a reasonable and sustainable number for our country at large, to manage. Especially if the parents or parent cannot afford to look after them themselves! The more houses and urban areas we produce obviously means less green countryside, farmland, woodland ,etc. There must be a limit for the good of our country. We need brave politicians to speek out about this controvertial, and maybe unpopular view at present, but things must change for the good.

  2. Joe nelson says:

    Mathematics must rule our welfare state….there are a massive number claiming benefits and few who earn “a lot”.Unfortunately what is a benefit to start with rapidly becomes a right with many recipients.This attitude has to change or be changed…best of luck.

  3. peter mack says:

    Dear Stephen , what about the idle rich who own most of “our “country ?

  4. Peter Scott says:

    Another solution is to build council homes for families and let them at affordable rents. That would bring down the market rents. Many of these families were managing to pay their way until unemployment or ill health forced them on to benefits. Now they have an effective 100% tax rate on benefits over £500 per week, that the system says they need. If 50% tax rate is bad 100% is worse. Envy and greed by MPs who get almost £70,000 pa for a part-time job.